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Sufficient Grace Outreach, Inc is an anti-human trafficking ministry with the goal of combating this growing issue in any way we can by helping one victim at a time. We are a Christian based, non-profit, 501c3, organization offering these ladies resources in their area if they need them through our call outreach. We pull online escort ads and speak directly with those being exploited. We offer prayer and an ear to listen along with resources in their area. We are non-judgmental and care deeply for these ladies. If they are not safe, with the help of the law enforcement we can help ensure their safety. We have helped law enforcement rescue a child across the country a few years ago. We stayed connected to the girl until help arrived. Our motto is One Life at a Time!

Our hearts desire is to share the Love of Christ with these precious daughters of the King! We want to give them encouragement and the courage they need to break free from their exploitation. We love those trapped in the sex industry because Jesus has branded them upon our hearts.


SGO also has strip club outreach on a monthly basis to the local strip club. We hand out gift bags and offer prayer and support. We have prayed in the dressing room and have blessed these women. They enjoy us coming in and talking with them. Some of the comments from them have been, "We love it when you ladies come!", "I heard that you brought prettier Bibles than last year!", "You made our night by bringing in what we love, nail polish!" We bring in a Thanksgiving dinner the week before Thanksgiving and one lady has said “It has been so long since I had a real Thanksgiving dinner.”

We want to shine Jesus' Light on them. Some ways we do this besides our monthly outreach, we have a devotional board in the dressing room where we change the devotions on a monthly basis. Jesus' Light shines at all times on these ladies. We also, have had a book club in which the ladies were invited to. We have partnered with YWAM Asheville to have quarterly Sap evening with these ladies. They helps us create and maintain our relationships with these women. 

We know that God's Word will never come back void and that His timing is Perfect. We are planting Seeds and He waters them. We have seen girls leave the industry and turn toward Jesus. This is our heart! 

Our Board Members:

We have 7 board member that consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. We all have a deep desire and passion to serve and worship our Lord Jesus. Our combined experiences and backgrounds include, Pastorship, Mentorship Accounting, Deaconship, Communication, and Social Work. 

Together, we strive to serve and help those we reach out to in our outreaches. We have also committed to bring awareness and shed light to Sex Trafficking. 


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