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Amanda desires to serve the Lord and to show Jesus' love anyway she can to others. Amanda became an active volunteer in a local outreach, calling ladies in the online escort ads in 2011. It wasn't long after she started volunteering that she became passionate about the outreach and wanted to bring awareness to child sex trafficking. Amanda became Outreach Director for a local call center in 2013. When the call center shut down she knew the need of the outreach and wanted to continue bringing hope to those trapped in the sex trade. She started Sufficienct Grace Outreach with the help of other vounteers and the community. Having no children of her own, she does have two neices and two nephews who are the targeted age of sex trafficking victims. Amanda wants to do everything she can to prevent and to help those that are trapped in the sex trade. Amanda is happily married with 4 dogs and 2 cats. She has regularly attended a local church since 2010. She has a professional background in Accounting and Payroll. 





Kim has a deep desire to serve her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and has been serving in the local church since surrendering her life to Christ in 1997. Kim has a passion for ministry, especially for women and children who have been trapped in the American Sex Industry. Because of this desire to serve her Lord in this way, Kim helped build - and served with - a local ministry of from 2007 – 2014, as Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer of the Board, as well as the CFO and Managing Director of the ministry and its various ministry branches – one of which was an outreach to individuals who are advertised as “escorts” online. Kim has a professional background in accounting, payroll, human resources, hospitality and administrative work, as well the starting up and financial and general management of non-profit organizations. Kim often leads speaking engagements and training sessions to educate others about the issue of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking. In 2009, Kim received an award from the Western North Carolina Crime Victims Coalition for outstanding service to victims of crime. She has also helped educate others through various forms of television and written media, including an article in an issue of Christianity Today magazine. Kim has been a member of A local church since 2006.


Carol has a husband, two grown sons and two new grandbaby boys. Carol has been a member of a local church for 25 years. Carol has served as Deacon, served on the Children's Committee and was the Girls in Action (GAs) leader for 5 years. She is active in her Sunday School class and other ministries through the church.Carol started volunteering for an outreach nearly 3 years ago. She originally helped stuff gift bags for the strip club ministry but was hesitant to join the call center. Once she did go to the call center she felt this was really where God meant her to be. She has been an active volunteer since that time.


Cameron recently served as co-creator and director of a jobs skills training and empowerment program for survivors of sex trafficking. She has a degree in Communication and is currently working on a Masters in Social Work to further develop methods of fighting sex trafficking and ending the demand that leads women and children to remain in cycles of exploitation. She has worked off-Broadway in New York City, in overseas missions in 12 different countries on The World Race, in coffee shop jobs and desk jobs. Cameron loves to serve behind the scenes and to support those in leadership above her. She is growing in the art of speaking to groups, and loves one-on-one relationships and conversations over coffee.

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