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​Call Center Needs


  • PRAYER! We are treading in satan's bedroom. He will attack. Pray for the ladies/children that we call, the volunteers and their families. For a more guided prayer please click on the prayer guide button to the left to download. 

  • Cash donations to help cover adminstration costs such as website fees & internet fees.

  • Volunteers

Strip Club Outreach Needs

(All Donations must be unopened and not trial sizes)

***Need 70 of each gift

  • Cash Donations for our monthly gifts and any emergency help for the girls

  • 5X7 picture frames for June Outreach

  • Trader Joe gift cards for July Flowers

  • Lindt Chocolate Gift cards for May Outreach

  • Cracker Barrel and Bob Evan's Gift cards to purchase Thanksgiving dinner for November Outreaches.

  • Bath and Body Works gift cards to purchase lotions for August outreach

  • Amazon Gift Cards to purchase outreach materials

Please make checks out to Sufficient Grace Outreach, Inc. Checks and Non-Monetary Donations can be mailed to: 


Sufficient Grace Outreach, Inc

P.O. Box 17606

Asheville, NC 28816


We would like to encourage setting up Bill pay with your bank if you would like to donate on a monthly basis or even for a one time donation. This will ensure that all of the donation goes to SGO and not to merchant fees. 


We accept paypal and credit cards. Please click the donate link under the amount you would like to donate below. You can also print off our donation form by clicking the button to the right to download and mail in credit card information. 

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