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Our passion for Call Outreach

We all either have children and/or know children within our sphere of influence. Picture a child or children in immediate danger.

Think of the anger, the hurt, the longing to do any and everything possible to get them out of that danger. Now picture them being sold for sex numerous times a day. As gruesome as this sounds, this is a reality everyday here in the US, in every small town and in every city. According to the US Department of Justice, approximately 300,000 children are sold into sex slavery every year in the US. It can happen to any child. It doesn't matter what race, sex, religion, or economic status they are from. Our children are more vulnerable to this 2nd largest crime in the US with today's technology. Drug trafficking is the number 1 largest crime. However, sex trafficking is closely becoming the number 1 crime in the US. Humans can be sold multiple times in one night, while drugs can be sold only once. The average victim may be forced to have sex up to 20-48 times a day. (Polaris Project )

North Carolina is ranked as a top ten state for human trafficking. It is estimated that North Carolina ranks number 7 or 8, this depends on which article you read. The city of Charlotte ranks as the 6th city in the country for trafficking. The internet is valuable tool for traffickers and buyers of children being sold for sex. Here is how the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children spells it out, describing this growing problem at a 2015 Congressional hearing. "Online classified ad sites . . . allow [sex traffickers] to remain anonymous, test out new markets, attempt to evade public or law enforcement detection, and easily locate customers to consummate their sale of children for sex. Online sex trafficking also enables traffickers to easily update an existing ad with a new location and quickly move the child to another geographic location where there are more customers seeking to purchase a child for rape or sexual abuse."

God placed a passion in my heart 10 years ago for those trapped, especially children, in this Modern day slavery called Sex Trafficking. The average age of a child being trafficked and sold for sex is 12-14 years old. That's the average. That means there are children younger than 12 being sold multiple times a day and men, even women, are selling and/or having sex with these children. Let's make it personal... Go back to that child and or children you had in your mind earlier. Imagine them being tossed back and forth up to 20 men or women a day. It makes you angry, right? This is where God brought my passion for this. My nieces and nephews are at the targeted age. Everytime, I think about sex trafficking I picture them being trafficked. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children stated websites are where children are being sold and bought. We, at Sufficient Grace Outreach, pull ads from the escort ads from these websites from different cities in the US on a monthly basis. We have resources in the city we are calling for them if they need help. We call these girls. We speak directly with them, asking them if they are safe and if they need resources for food, clothing, housing, medical needs. We tell them we care for them and they are loved by our Glorious Father. We tell them we pray over them and ask what we can specifically pray for them. We leave voicemails and/or text messages with those we cannot reach. Reactions from these ladies are different. A lot of the reactions are of shock. We had one girl say to us, “Why would you call me, don't you think I'm dirty?” Recently, we called a girl who responded, “I'm not on any website. I'm 16 and am not supposed to talk to strangers.” 85-90% of the ads we call we flag as suspected minors. These ads we send to the law enforcement we work with. We have had several of the ads we send turn into Federal cases. We do this not for numbers or recognition. We do this because as 1 John 4:19 says, “We love Him because He first loved us.” To love Him means to love the least of us. Matthew 25:40, “.... whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

A few years ago, we were not able to reach one of the girls we called in Houston, TX. She didn't answer and her voicemail was full. We sent a text message to her phone, in hopes she would receive it. She responded to the text message the next morning. She texted she had been kidnapped from her home by a man and a woman and they had driven her to Denver, CO. They were in an adjoining room in a hotel. I spent 4 hours texting back and forth with her. In those 4 hours, I was also on the phone with the National Trafficking Hotline, our FBI agent we work with and Denver, CO police department. This girl gave me a lot of information to help rescue her. She gave detailed descriptions of both the man and woman, the hotel address, the room number. Once I had the address, I pulled it up on Google Earth Map which showed me the hotel. To see this image made the situation even more real to me. My heart was pounding hard as it was breaking. This story, unlike most, had a happy ending. The police rescued this girl, a federal case was started on the man and woman and the girl had a bus ticket bought for her to go back home. She was 17 years old. This is why we call escort ads. We search specifically for suspected minors. We pray over them and sometimes we are able to pray with the ones who will let us. On our last call outreach a few weeks ago, I spoke with Alice (named changed to protect her identity). She needed a resource for housing. This is the number one resource needed when we call. We gave her the resource in her city and encouraged her to reach out to them. We also asked her if we could pray with her over the phone and if she had any prayer requests other than her housing situation. Her response was to pray for her to know her creator! My heart smiled so big! I prayed with her over the phone! When we finished praying she said she had tears in her eyes. She said she was glad she answered her phone that night. She needed us to call and God knew. His timing was perfect!. We have had many stories like these in the last 5 years of Sufficient Grace Outreach and for me the last 10 years of this Ministry and the previous ministry I worked with. With God's Grace and Will, we will have many more stories like these. Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing us to be Your Voice to those in these escort ads we call. Lord, we pray over the seeds we have planted and the seeds we will plant in the future. Lord, continue to humble us, continue to be a light to our path and guide us. In Your Mighty Name Jesus, Amen.

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